Romance Pants – Set the Mood in Style!

Redbull Romance PantsHaving trouble setting the mood? Sometimes chivalry will only get you so far but then you need to make an unforgettable display of manliness to seal the deal, otherwise you’re in for a night of eating ice-cream on your couch while being forced to watch the notebook and talk about your feelings. In an era of 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight, women are becoming desensitized to what real manliness is. They think they want a completely hairless, emotional dude who spends 3 hours styling his hair and plucking his eyebrows.  Luckily for you, Club Men is here to help you snap them out of it and become a closer once they’re back at your place!

Romance Pants

Romance Pants – Red Bull Creation 2012 Entry by Team Instructables from Audrey Love on Vimeo.


With just a few simple components and a bit of manly know-how, those old jeans become an insurance policy. The only hard part will be deciding which song will play as the zipper comes down. We recommend this one.

Romance Pants Official Instructions and Parts List Here


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