X-Men fully functional Wolverine claws.

I’m pretty confident that every man is a fan of Wolverine from the X-Men and if not – you should be. He’s a certified bad-ass and has deadly, built-in, wolverine claws! Wolverine is the epitome of what a man should be:

  • Ridiculously strong
  • Rugged
  • An outdoors-man
  • Smokes cigars
  • Withstands extreme pain like a champ
  • Practically invincible

Wolverine Claws

Aside from the overall manliness of Wolverine, he has these awesome claws that shoot out from his hands and will shred anything inferior. Men should come equipped with these at birth; unfortunately, evolution hasn’t reached this point yet. Luckily for us, there are crazy guys like Colin Furze to lend a hand.

Colin Furze

Colin Furze is a British inventor working out of his garage. He’s a bit of a mad man, as you probably noticed from the video above, but what true genius isn’t? This dude is one of those special kinds of manly where he may not crush skulls between his pecs and bite the tops off of beer bottles but he could still probably kill you a million different ways using hidden 007-esque devices. He also owns 3 Guinness World Records including: the world’s largest bonfire, longest motorcycle and fastest scooter.

largest-bonfire longest-motorcycle fastest-scooter

Building the Wolverine Claws

Colin’s Wolverine Claws are different from a lot of DIY claws posted online in that they both extend and retract. Most of the shitty ones made by other dudes operate using springs, gravity or are just blades attached to knuckle dusters. The only real downside to Colin’s claws is that you have to wear a big backpack to hold the air tanks.

Future Projects

In addition to Colin’s Wolverine Claws, he has also promised two other X-Men related projects to come out on May 22 and May 29. You can catch them when they come out here or sign up for our mailing list below as I’m sure we will be covering his future bad-ass inventions.

This post first appeared on Man Institute.



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