Common Myths about “real” Men


There seems to be a list of things out on the internet that need to be accomplished to define yourself as a “real” man. Lets break them down one by one.

1. The more you get laid, the more of a man you are – Let’s dispel this myth right off the bat. Inside a monogamous relationship we’re going to have sex in intervals. Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes it’s a little. How and why is a different post. Outside a monogamous relationship, aka “hooking up”, sex becomes little more than a release with no future. If you’re defining your manhood by how many women you’ve slept with this week, you’re defining your life incorrectly. Instead try to count how many valuable relationships you have.

2. Real men make a lot of money – No not really. What a real man does is take care of his family and work toward a future goal. That goal may include a high salary, but it’s not the definition of a future. Many a rich man will tell you he doesn’t find his “manliness” in his bank account.

3. A real man’s wife is found in the kitchen – in nothing but sexy lingerie while she makes him a sandwich. Every woman I’ve ever known that fell into this category ended up hating herself and her husband for it. Know what happens? Divorce city and she ends up with half your stuff. The reality is a man should be leading his house in a direction just like a CEO leads a company. Everyone in that family will have certain responsibilities, and everyone loves to hear what a great job they’re doing.

4. A real man succeeds at everything he does – I hope not. Almost everything I’ve learned I learned from failing, not succeeding. If you have nothing but successes in your life, it’s time to raise the bar a little higher and feel some defeat. You’ll be surprised how much stronger it will make you.

5. A real man doesn’t commit to one woman – A man that refuses to commit is a man that

A. Doesn’t have very much confidence in his ability to keep a relationship. i.e. not a leader

B. Doesn’t feel he deserves happiness.

C. Doesn’t want to share his toys.

D. He’s weak.

One of the definitions of manhood is the ability to commit to something for the long haul. The same man that refuses to enter into a committed relationship usually is looking for a new job every few years. Commitment is hard. Dems da facts. It takes a strong man to do it.

Know any more man myths that need to be busted? Leave a comment. If it’s good I’ll edit the post and credit you on it.


this post was first published on Be a Better man



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