Urinal Dynamics: A Tactical Guide


Urinal Dynamics:

This is simulated piss hitting water. This is what happens when you use a toilet or a urinal that has water sitting in the bowl. Basically as the urine hits the water, the force of it makes cavities. And as your urine has broken up into drops by the time it has traveled this distance, multiple drops hit the water. This causes more and larger cavities. So when you piss into water each drop essentially causes 2 splashes, one as the piss hits and another as the cavities collapse.

The 3 Golden Rules to Using a Urinal:

So how do you cut down on the splash back, then? It’s pretty and with a few minor adjustments, you’ll be pissing like a pro! Just follow the 3 Golden Rules to Using a Urinal.

What you need to do is simple:

  1. Aim for a vertical surface, making sure to keep your stream away from horizontal surfaces and the bowl
  2. Get close enough to the urinal so that you can maintain a stream, rather than it breaking up into droplets
  3. Decrease your piss angle by either aiming down or to the side

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